Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Fluff on Shrubs and Perennials

Flatid Planthopper and "fluff"
Are you starting to notice a lot of white fluff on the leaves or stems of shrubs and perennials in your yard? When you touch the plants does something jump off? If so, you have experienced the flatid planthopper, an insect that occurs in our area every year.

Planthoppers rarely cause damage to plants but can leave behind a lot of fluff. This is rather noticeable but not harmful. In the image below you can see the insect as well as the fluff they leave behind. 

Find out more about this insect from this NC Extension fact sheet:

Stay current on plant pests in our state - check out the NC Pest News from NC Cooperative Extension:
Flatid Planthoppers and fluff on the back of a leaf

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