Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take the 40 Gallon Challenge!

Water bill got you down? Interested in reducing your water use to conserve this limited resource? Or just want to see how much water you could save by implementing simple, inexpensive practices around your home and yard? If so you should take the 40 Gallon Challenge
By following the tips on the 40-Gallon Challenge website, anyone can save money on their water bills.To start saving water and take the challenge, go to the website, http://www.40gallonchallenge.org,  and complete the checklist of water-saving practices. The checklist includes both indoor and outdoor water-saving tips.

At the program’s website, www.40gallonchallenge.org, you can pledge to adopt water-saving practices and see how many gallons of water you can expect to save.

The website also shows the most popular practices being pledged, the pledged practices that are saving the most water daily, and counties and states that are pledging the most daily savings.

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