Friday, June 17, 2011

Helping Your Yard Survive the Drought

Wilted hydrangea
Signs of the severe drought currently gripping our area can be seen in lawns and landscapes throughout southeastern NC. These include stunting, wilting, yellowing or browning leaves, early leaf drop, dead stems and branches, and reduced flower, fruit, and seed production. How you care for your yard during drought will have a huge effect on how well it recovers once the rain returns. To conserve water, gardeners should set watering priorities during drought. Keeping drought sensitive plants like hydrangea alive during extended dry periods may not be feasible, especially in sandy soils.  

During drought is not the time to fertilize your plants or apply herbicides. Instead you should thin out overcrowded plantings and make sure your beds have a 2"-3" layer of mulch. For more tips on what to and not to do during drought, read the full article available online from the Pender Cooperative Extension website:

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