Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Common Centipede Lawn Problems

Frost damage in centipede grass

In some yards centipede grass thrives on neglect, producing a dense, healthy, carpet of grass with little care. In others centipede lawns are plagued with problems. Some of these are caused by insects or diseases, while others are due to incorrect care. Figuring out which problem is the cause of your centipede lawn’s decline relies on careful consideration of the symptoms and how the lawn has been treated.

A common problem in centipede lawns this time of year is frost damage. Centipede grass is very sensitive to frost, but also has a tendency to start growing early so it is often damaged by late frosts, such as the one that occurred in inland areas this past weekend. Fertilizing centipede lawns before May increases the chances of frost damage. Frost damaged lawns will recover on their own if properly cared for -- this includes following the recommendations for mowing height, fertilization, and herbicide use discussed in this Pender Gardener article posted on the Pender Extension website: http://pender.ces.ncsu.edu/index.php?page=news&ci=AGRI+10


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