Friday, April 27, 2012

The New Bug in Town

Adult Kudzu Bugs
There is a new bug in town and chances are if you have wisteria growing in your yard you have already met it. Officially known as the bean plataspid, this new insect is more commonly being referred to as the kudzu bug, after its favorite food. But it is not exclusive to kudzu and will happily feed on wisteria and other members of the bean family.

Kudzu bugs are about the size of a pea, with semi-flat bodies that are green with brown spots. They are strong fliers and often congregate in large numbers. They can feed on kudzu, wisteria, beans, and peas, but will often land on other plants and light colored surfaces, such as vinyl siding, in large numbers. The bugs have proven they can damage kudzu and soybeans but it is still uncertain what their impact will be on wisteria and ornamental plants, or in vegetable gardens.

Learn more about kudzu bugs from the full Pender Gardener article posted on the Pender Extension website:

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