Friday, November 2, 2012

What Can I Do About Kudzu Bugs?

Kudzu Bugs
Kudzu bugs are a new pest in the south, making their debut in our area this past spring. After spending the summer outdoors feeding on kudzu, soybeans, field peas and other members of the bean family, these prolific insects are now looking for a cozy place to spend the winter. This could be nestled under tree bark, tucked into mulch or leaf litter, or dry and warm inside your house. Western areas of the state are already reporting a wave of home invasions by this pest, which is moving our way as cooler temperatures drive these bugs out of the fields and potentially into our homes.

When kudzu bugs do enter your home, your best defense is a vacuum cleaner. Simply vacuum the bugs up, being careful not to crush them. As members of the stink bug family, kudzu bugs have an unpleasant odor when crushed and can leave behind a stain. Spraying pesticides indoors is not recommended, while spraying outdoors will likely have little effect on kudzu bug numbers. To learn more about managing kudzu bugs, read the whole article posted on the Pender Cooperative Extension website:

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