Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Lawn Care Tips and Tasks

Florida betony
Lawns in southeastern North Carolina are suited to warm season turf grasses such as St. Augustine, zoysia, bermuda and centipede. Caring for warm season turf grasses is very different from caring for turf grasses grown in cooler climates. As warm season lawns get ready to transition into the dormant winter season, there are some important things that should be done, and others that should not be done, to keep lawns healthy.

This is not the time to fertilize or water your lawn. Instead you should be focusing on weed control, if it is needed. Two of our most troublesome cool season perennial weeds are wild garlic and Florida betony. Both are currently sprouting in yards throughout SE NC. While herbicide application will not kill these weeds, treating them now is much more effective than waiting until spring. To find out which herbicides can be used to control these and other winter weeds, visit the Pender Cooperative Extension website to read the whole article: 


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