Friday, June 15, 2012

New weed could cause serious problems

Cogongrass seed heads
If you are a gardener there are probably lots of weeds that top your list as being among the world’s worst. Plants like crabgrass and chamber bitter come to mind. These prolific garden weeds are certainly annoying but at least they stay confined to cultivated areas. Some weeds don’t. Some weeds invade natural areas, smother out native species, and alter ecosystems forever. One of the world’s worst is cogongrass, which was recently found in North Carolina for the first time near Burgaw. 

Cogongrass is most easily recognized by the fluffy white seed heads produced in early summer before most other grasses bloom. Plants grow two to four feet tall, with coarse, light green, one inch wide leaves that have a prominent off center white main vein and a pointed tip. They are usually distributed in dense, round patches. Further identification tips and images can be found online at

Learn more about cogongrass by reading the entire article available on the Pender Extension website at:

If you think you have located a patch of cogongrass, contact Charlotte Glen at the Pender County Cooperative Extension office in Burgaw, 910-259-1235. Learn more about invasive plants in our area online at the Southeast Exotic Plant Pest Council’s website:

If you have gardening questions, contact your local Cooperative Extension office. If you live in Pender County, call 259-1235. In New Hanover County, call 798-7660. In Brunswick County call 253-2610, or visit where you can find your local office, or post your questions to be answered via the ‘Ask an Expert’ widget online here:

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