Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amaryllis - A Gift that Keeps Giving!

Amaryllis are hardy outdoors in SE NC.
Amaryllis bulbs are extremely easy and fun to grow, making them a wonderful gift for gardeners of all ages and experience levels. Bulbs purchased and potted now will bloom in three to six weeks, but the enjoyment does not end after the flowers fade. Amaryllis are hardy bulbs in our area, which means they can be planted outside in the landscape in spring, to multiply and bloom for years to come. 

Many garden centers currently have specially prepared bulbs or kits in stock. Kits usually include potting soil, a container and a bulb and make a great gift. Individual bulbs may also be purchased. When purchasing amaryllis bulbs, make sure you purchase a large, firm bulb free of cuts or bruises. Bulb size is important because the flowers the plant will produce are already inside the bulb. Larger bulbs will have larger flowers and will produce more flowering stalks. 

To learn more about growing Amaryllis, read the rest of the article posted on the Pender Extension website,

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