Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeking the Perfect Pecan

No matter how you pronounce it, the pecan is a southern treat. Their sweet, buttery flavor is delicious when baked in pies or cakes, added to salads, or simply eaten straight out of the shell. Though not native to the east coast, pecan trees are a common site in our area. So are pecan problems. It’s easy to find bags full of perfect, plump pecans in the grocery store this time of year, but if you have ever collected pecans from local trees there is a good chance you have come across a less than perfect crop. 

Common problems of locally grown pecans include poorly filled out nuts, light crop loads, bitter spots, and empty shells. To find out what causes these problems and if they can be prevented, read the entire article available on the Pender Coooperative Extension website at

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