Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Fungus Among Us!

Recent rainfall has led to explosion of mushrooms in lawns and mulched areas throughout our area. Most of these fungi are completely harmless, though some consider them slightly annoying. Mushrooms growing in lawns are not a sign of plant disease. Mushrooms such as those pictured to the left are more likely to grow in yards where trees have been cleared.

While mushrooms are easily recognized by most people, some of their relatives that can be found growing on hardwood mulch may not be as familiar. From time to time, some of the more noticeable of these organisms may catch a gardener’s attention and cause them to wonder about their identity. 

Two of the most eye catching fungi found in mulch are slime mold (aka Dog Vomit) and stinkhorns. Both are harmless and will go away naturally within a few days. 

Slime Mold growing on mulch

Octopus stinkhorn - you often smell this one before seeing it!

Learn more about managing mushrooms and other fungi in your yard or mulch - Read the entire article, available here on the Pender Cooperative Extension website: http://pender.ces.ncsu.edu/index.php?page=news&ci=LAWN+148

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