Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Act Now to Protect Squash Plants from Serious Pests!

Two serious pests of squash plants are on the prowl in vegetable gardens in our area. Be on the lookout for adult squash bugs and the masses of eggs (seen left) they are currently laying on the backside of squash and zucchini leaves! Remove these insects and their eggs now or treat with pesticides to prevent serious damage to your squash and zucchini crops.

Squash bugs and squash vine borer frequently attack summer squash, zucchini, pumpkins, and winter squash, often causing plant death. Both of these pests are difficult to control once damage shows up. Adults of these pests are laying eggs, making now the critical time to act to prevent them from damaging your squash crop.

Learn more! Find out more about these pests and how to control them in your garden - Read the rest of the story on the Pender Cooperative Extension website: http://pender.ces.ncsu.edu/index.php?page=news&ci=LAWN+128

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