Friday, January 7, 2011

Caring for Storm Damaged Trees

Luckily our recent winter storm did not dump enough snow or ice in our area to cause major damage to trees and shrubs. But this is not always the case. Winter storms do strike SE NC every so often and can cause major damage to trees and shrubs. Even more common is damage caused by tropical systems or intense thunderstorms. When storms occur, broken limbs and branches are one of the most frequent forms of damage. While a few broken branches will not cause serious harm to a tree for the present time, how you care for a tree with a broken branch will have a huge impact on its long term health and ability to withstand future storms.

When removing a branch at the main trunk, cut just beyond the swollen area known as the branch collar and never flush against the trunk of the tree. For most homeowners, limiting cuts to those that can be made with a handsaw or loppers is best - professionals should be hired to remove anything that requires use of a chainsaw or ladder.

A properly removed branch preserves the branch collar area but does not leave a long stub.

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