Friday, November 19, 2010

Tell Us What You Think!

Extension's Pender Gardener brings you timely, research based gardening information specifically for southeastern NC. Please let us know how this information has helped you garden better this year and make suggestions for improvements or topics for 2011, by completing a short online survey - available here:

Pender Gardener Evaluation Survey:

The survey asks the following questions:
  •     How has Pender Gardener helped you garden this year?
  •     What topics would you like to learn about next year?
  •     How would you prefer to learn about these topics?
This survey is completely anonymous and will be available until December 7, 2010.

Your input is extremely important! Please let us know how Extension's Pender Gardener is helping  area residents garden better to ensure this service can continue in the future.

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