Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plant a trick, not a treat, for deer!

In addition to being a tough, drought tolerant perennial, Mexican bush sage is one of many ornamental plants deer prefer not to eat that thrive in our area
If deer have been trick or treating in your landscape lately then you know how devastating their nightly foraging can be. Deer populations are higher than ever in our area and native habitat is disappearing rapidly as more woodland areas are developed into subdivisions, forcing deer to seek food in backyards and gardens. While there are several options for reducing deer damage in the landscape, including fencing, repellants, and even guard dogs, one of the easiest is to give deer a trick by landscaping with plants they prefer not to eat. Though no plant is deer proof, there are many good landscape plants for this area that deer find less palatable - a solution that is both effective and relatively low-cost, once you know which plants to choose.

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