Friday, August 27, 2010

Caterpillar Season is Here!

Late summer is prime time for more than just hurricanes in eastern NC – it is also peak caterpillar season. Many different types of caterpillars can currently be found munching on tree, shrub, and vegetable leaves in our area, such as these spiny oak worms feeding on oak leaves. In vegetable gardens caterpillar control is often necessary, but for trees and shrubs leaf damage this late in the season usually does not pose a serious threat to plant health so spraying is rarely needed. Plus caterpillars are an excellent food source for migrating birds, who can help provide control naturally. If you do have a caterpillar outbreak that requires control, both organic and synthetic insecticides are available from most garden centers than can do the job.

Learn more! Read the rest of the story from Pender County Cooperative Extension:

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