Friday, July 9, 2010

Colorful and Carefree - Must be crape myrtle!

Crape myrtles are the queen of the southern summer landscape. Who can deny that title to a plant that dares to flaunt such large trusses of brightly colored blossoms in the heat and humidity of high summer? But their reign does not end when fall begins. If grown properly, crape myrtle can truly be a tree of year-around beauty. In addition, the wide variety of selections available will guarantee that the perfect crape myrtle can be found for every southern landscape.

When choosing a crape myrtle variety for your landscape be sure to take note of its mature size and plant it in a location where it will have room to grow. 'Tuscarora' (seen here) is a medium sized crape myrtle, reaching 20' or a little more. Like all National Arboretum hybrids it has great powdery mildew resistance. Proper siting means you will not have to prune trees severely, which destroys the natural shape and elegant form of mature crape myrtles!

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