Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurricane Resistant Trees

As the peak of hurricane season approaches, many property owners may be thinking about removing large trees to avoid potential damage to homes and businesses. Often, property owners who have experienced such damage in the past are tempted not to replace fallen trees due to fear that the same thing will happen again in future storms. As a result, tree populations in our coastal communities are dwindling, and we are losing the significant economic and environmental benefits trees bring to these communities. Tree benefits include higher property values for homes that have mature trees in the landscape, energy savings due to shading, wildlife habitat, cleaner air, and beauty. Other areas in the United States that are prone to hurricane strikes are experiencing this same trend. In response to this problem, scientists at the University of Florida have conducted extensive research into the relationship between trees and hurricanes, resulting in several recommendations on how to establish and maintain more hurricane resistant trees and urban forests.

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